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Edge2.182 Extreme contrasts

While we generally in Freeform also present rather contrasty music choices we (Jeroen and Boukor) selected particularly contrasty ones in this “Extreme contrasts” episode. It’s something that in “normal” radio programming is often absent as is disrupts the gradual flow of fresh and stale pop tunes. In such shows/broadcasts DJ personalities are the ones who add contrast, by speaking fast and loud about everything amidst catchy jingles..
Masonna noise vs Madonna in a contemporary dubstep remix, Greek laments (Diamanda Galas) electronically layered by Khan, Ruins, cartoon music from the 50s and a bit later in avant garde stylee (Zorn) mixed with DJ trio (Erik M / DJ Olive / Christian Marclay) and ambient (The Arc), more noise by Stalaggh, Chinese sample reggae (Monkey: Journey To the Wes) and Lightning Bolt hitting the commercial block at the end.
Xmas edition next week!


  • Masonna – Untitled
  • Madonna – Like a prayer (Chaos Theory Dubstep Remix)
  • Diamanda Galas and Khan – Aman
  • Ruins – ruins – vrresto – 02 – warrido
  • Carl Stalling, Milt Franklyn, Treg Brown – Ready, Set, Zoom- (1955)
  • Stalaggh – Untitled
  • Christian Marclay – New York, September 17, 2000 – Erik M / DJ Olive / Christian Marclay
  • The Arc – Orphic Mysteries
  • John Zorn – Cat o’ Nine Tails
  • Monkey: Journey To the West – Monkey Bee (Diplo mix)
  • Lightning Bolt – Assassins