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Edge2.219 Audio Art.

Known and unknown pieces of sound and music made by known and unknown artists. Special attention this week goes to Lewis deSoto for his unique recording of the wailing sound of the under construction WTC building in lower Manhattan during the Sandy hurricane. Check out his website:


  • How to Make Love to a Sound – Douglas Davis (album: Revolutions Per Minute (The Art Record))
  • San Fran. Airport Rock – John Appleton (album: Contes de la Memoire)
  • Toilet Piece – Yoko Ono with Plastic Ono Band (album: Fly)
  • Ni queue ni tête – David Legrand & Philippe Zunino (album: Le Berrython)
  • Poemes Phonetiques – Raoul Hausmann (album: Tellus 21, Audio by Visual Artists)
  • Sandy.Wail – Lewis deSoto (album: unknown)
  • Mots d’Amour – Satsuki Shibano (album: Dorobo – Document o2 – Sine)
  • X (R^6) Ii Zi[L] – Pierre Bastien (album: Eggs Air Sister Steel)
  • Auf dem Land – Ernst Jandl (album: Bist Eulen)
  • I Don’t Want to Fall in Love – Pipilotti Rist (album: Remake of a weekend)
  • View of the Capitol… – Eliot Carter (album: Vocal Works 1975-81)
  • Compostition No. 3 – Milan Knizak (album: Broken Music)
  • Principle And Material Force – Nikolaus Urban (album: 7″)