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Edge2.240 Sans Remote

No Remote Jeroen this week, therefore less talk more music. That is to say..



  • Ecraser La Vermine – Ptôse (album: Poisson Soluble)
  • Multistability 10-B – Mark Fell (album: Multistability)
  • Bad Sonic – Markof (album: Elektrotehnika Slavenika)
  • More Noise Please – Steven Jesse Bernstein (album: Prison)
  • Textuur – Frits Weiland (album: Electronic Panorama disc 2  Utrecht (6526 004))
  • Egyptian reggae – Pascal Comelade (album: Danses et chants de Syldavie)
  • A Dadaist Hippie – unknown (album: Dr. Huelsenbecks Mentale Heilmethode)
  • Tagesthemen – Loriot (album: unknown)
  • Paul Revere – Beastie Boys (album: Licensed To Ill)
  • The Sport (Part One)- Steven Jesse Bernstein (album: Prison)
  • Old Fashioned Love – Cliff Edwards (album: Ukelele Ike)
  • Fat Cows Go Down An Eastern Beach – Systematics (album: Demos)
  • Angst Vorm Tanzen – Saal 2 (album: UndergrouNDW –  German New Wave Rarities)
  • Syntax Error – SAM (album: Synthetic Adrenaline Music)
  • Special 230 – André Brasseur (album: Nymphomania Vol. 3: More Sexy European Go Go Music from the 60’s)
  • Party Balloon- Steven Jesse Bernstein (album: Prison)

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