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Edge2.244 Last Call: Edge Favorites

Is this really the end of Edge, OOG Radio’s most adventurous radio show? As everywhere in life, we’re not sure, but for now it surely looks like today was our last. And what show it was, cramped and full of our weirdest favorites, mingled and stretched beyond the originals. Enjoy and as we’re used to say: “Stay Edge”.


  • De Kutmarokkaan + aankondiging – Rob Muntz (De inburgerking – NPS Radio 2004)
  • Cadenza – Jaap Blonk (album: Ursonate)
  • Hambu Hodo – Renaldo & The Loaf (album: Hambu Hodo)
  • Woodpecker No. 2 – Merzbow (album: Pulse Demon)
  • The Man Within – Sean Landers (album: The Man Within)
  • Dolly Pardon – People Like Us (album: Stifled Love)
  • Genre Recital – Arthur Elsenaar (generated)
  • Cool In The North – Touch 33 (album: Magnetic North)
  • The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs – Joan La Barbara (album: Singing Through)
  • The Yodelling Chinaman – George van Dusen (album: Flashbacks #2 – Novelty Songs (1914-1946) – Crazy and Obscure [trikont US-0276])
  • Ein himmelblauer Trabant – Sonja Schmidt (album: Das Beste aus der DDR (Teil 3 – Kult))
  • Lightworks – Raymond Scott (album: Manhattan Research Inc.)
  • Bang Bang – Martin Kippenberger (album: Greatest Hits)
  • The Sun Always Shines at Midnight – Wax Audio (album: Mashopolos III, Mashups for the People)
  • Porno Public Service Announcement – unknown (album: unknown)
  • Yes Sir, Ich Kann Boogie – M.A. Numminen Goes Tech-No (album: Yes Sir)
  • Der Führer’s Face – Eugene Chadbourne (album: Sidewalk Songs & City Stories)
  • Lied der Partei (Die Partei hat immer recht) – Chor der Staatsoper Berlin (album: Die Partei hat immer Recht; Eine Dokumentation in Liedern)
  • Don’t Do – Sachiko M (album: Sine Wave Solo)
  • Akazehe par deux jeunes filles – unknown (album: Burundi: Musiques Traditionnelles)
  • Ik Ben Helemaal Te Gek Van Jou – Wim T. Schippers (album: Radiopraktijken)
  • Nigger Lover – Original Radio Spot (album: Super Bad Super Black Can Y’all Dig That?)
  • Discopathology – Noise/Girl (album: Discopathology)
  • track 1 – Arnold Schwarzenegger (album: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Body Workout)
  • Sla – Drs.P (album: Drs. P Compilé sur CD)
  • Fuck the Creationists – MC Hawking (album: E=MC Hawking)
  • Sag mir, wo du stehst – Oktoberklub (album: Das Beste)

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