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Edge2.172 Retro: back to back from past to present – part 2

Continuing with retro-sounding bands of the oughties who got Abraham’s mustard from bygone decades gathered by local Boukor. Technical difficulties with “copper”-wired remote Jeroen meant a partly lofi retro broadcast (Arthur mentioned this was how Negativland used to do it back in the 80s, in the pre-internet era) using the ancient telephone to listen to […]


Edge2.171 Retro: back to back from past to present – part 1

Music critic Simon Reynolds states in his latest book the last decade – the (n)oughties – has been the most retro ever, speculating we are approaching times with less and less musical innovation. This may be true as the current digital revolution enables lots of cross-fertilization. We at Edge decided to plunge into the history […]