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Edge2.210 John Cage 100

Ok, we’re not original at all after the summer break and join the ranks of sites and other media outlets celebrating the 100th birthday of one of the 20th Century most influential composers John Cage.


  • Rozart Mix – John Cage (album: Music Before Revolution)
  • Imaginary Landscape – John Cage (album: Siemens – Studio für Elektronische Musik)
  • Lecture on Nothing (excerpt) – John Cage (album: ?)
  • Memory Song – Anthony De Mare (album: John Cage and Meredith Monk: Piano and Voices)
  • Radio Music – John Cage (album: Fluxus Anthology)
  • Space Themes 1 & 2 – Experimental Audio Research (album: Phenomena 256)
  • A Flower – John Cage / Joan La Barbara (album: Singing Through)
  • Leipzicher Streichkwartett – String Quartet in Four Parts: 2. Slowly Rocking (album: John Cage: Music for Eight)
  • Hommage a John Cage – Nam June Paik (album: Works 1958-79)

Note: audio now in splendid 128kbps.